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John Hennessey and the 392 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Posted in Car Reviews, Dodge, Domestic, General, Videos by MrAngry | January 18th, 2011 | 1 Response |

John Hennessey 2011 392 Dodge Challenger SRT8

The guys at Red Letter Dodge recently finished their wildly successful Hemi Highway Tour. A tour in which they traversed the nation in two of Dodge’s newest muscle machines. The purpose of this project was to bring awareness to the two new big guns in the 2011 lineup. That being the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 with its 392 HEMI, and the newly redesigned 2011 Dodge Charger R/T. Both cars have been sufficiently revamped in terms of performance, so what better way to showcase that then by taking them on one big-ass road trip. Starting in Auburn Hills, MI and finishing in Corona, CA, the two cars were piloted to different venues, shows and performance shops around the country to show off just what Dodge had accomplished.

One of the stops on the tour took place in Sealy, TX which just happens to be the home of Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE). If you’re a Dodge guy (or gal) you may have heard of John Hennessey, as he’s the guy that has produced some of the baddest Dodge Vipers on the planet. Therefore it was no surprise that John welcomed the two cars into his shop for a few test drives and dyno runs. Above is a video of the new 392 Dodge Challenger SRT8 on the dyno. It’s fun to watch and with awesome performance numbers, I’m honestly just pissed as I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. Just make sure that after watching this you head over to RedLetterDodge.com to read the full review and road test that John Hennessey himself gave about Dodge’s newest road beasts.

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One Response

  1. BigRuss says:

    mmm 392.. i cant wait to test one out… as long as its backed by a 6 speed…