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JetLev Flyer: Now Your Jet Pack Can Drown You, Too!

Posted in Cool Stuff, General by Kurt Ernst | March 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I’m not much of a water sports kind of guy. I swim, but solely as an alternative to drowning. If I was on the Titanic, I’d have been one of the guys below deck yelling for more duct tape to patch the hole. People say that riding a motorcycle or driving a car on a racetrack is dangerous; that may be, but no one’s ever been eaten by a shark on a motorcycle. No one’s ever gotten fatal jellyfish stings in three layers of Nomex, behind the wheel of a race car. Video after the jump.

With this in mind, the JetLev Flyer just isn’t my cup of meat. Sure, the whole jetpack thing is cool, but what happens when the floating intake sled sucks up a fish? Or a piece of trash? Nothing good, I assure you.

If you’re still interested, here are the facts: the JetLev Flyer will allow you to fly (or hover above a school of great white sharks) at altitudes up to 28 feet, limited by the length of the intake hose. Top speed is just over 20 miles per hour, and you can fly at wide open throttle for about 1 hour. Being judicious with the throttle will get you up to another hour of flight time. Can’t live without one? Want to be the life of your next backyard pool party? The company is currently working on certification (and a big-ass liability waiver, I’m sure), but expects to begin sales later this year. The price will be just north of $175,000, which would buy any sane person about ten really nice bikes or three really nice cars. None of which will try to drown you when you run out of gas.

Thanks to Dub Daily for the inspiration.

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