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Jesse Jackson’s Escalade Boosted In Detroit

Posted in Cadillac, Detroit, Newsworthy, Police, Safety, SUV by Kurt Ernst | September 7th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

What’s up with the Motor City these days? First, it was Detroit Mayor Dave Bing who had the wheels and tires stolen from a protection detail GMC Yukon, parked in a secured lot. Now it’s Jesse Jackson’s turn – the part time preacher and full time media hound had his Cadillac Escalade stolen from a hotel parking lot and stripped of its wheels and tires as well. Jackson was in Detroit to promote “green jobs” with UAW president and chief xenophobe Bob King.

I may not see eye to eye with Jackson or King on a lot of issues, but Jackson’s right on the money when he told CNN, “We need an economy that creates employment that can’t be shipped overseas. “

Jackson was directing his focus towards green jobs, such as installing solar panels and windmills, which have allegedly seen employment growth even throughout the current recession. I wouldn’t want to burst his bubble by pointing out that the solar industry has collapsed in states (like Florida) where federal funding has expired, so I’ll just agree with Jackson on the need-for-domestic-jobs thing. In the mean time, if you drive a truck with nice wheels, rent a car if you need to visit Detroit.

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3 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    They weren’t stealing, they were recycling the alloy wheels and rubber tires. Very fitting for the event i would say.

  2. Kurt says:

    Greg, right on. Jesse Jackson always has been a champion of the downtrodden, so I’m sure he didn’t mind a bit.

  3. LongLance says:

    serves him right, using a Cad to haul his race-hustling a** around.