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Jeremy Clarkson seeks to lose weight in, “The Italian Job”.

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Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson is a rather chubby Brit who loves to make fun of everything that rolls on four wheels. He’s quick witted, funny and let’s face it… has one hell of a day job. In his new double-disk DVD titled “The Italian Job” (due out 11/15), Clarkson gets a chance to drive some of the greatest automotive iron from around the planet. We’re not only talking about all new stuff either as Clarkson looks as though he’s been able to squeeze himself into such classic cars like a Ford Escort race car, as well as a really mini, MINI. I honestly have no idea if this will be released in stores here in the U.S., but if it is I’ll likely be picking up a copy as Clarkson’s latest thrill ride looks like something that’s right up my ally.

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