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Jenson Button Drops 100 Pounds After Monaco

Posted in Formula 1, Girls, Racing by Kurt Ernst | May 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

McLaren Mercedes F1 pilot Jenson Button and his bikini model girlfriend, Jessica Michibata, have parted ways. Apparently dropping the 100 pounds (I’m guessing on her weight) was good for Button, who’s currently faster than his McLaren Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton in testing for this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix. The split was rumored to be initiated by Button, who felt it was necessary to focus on his driving career. The fact that the pair lived on separate continents probably didn’t help their relationship much, either.

Button and Michibata have been a pair for several years, and Button allegedly confronted Sir Richard Branson for hitting on her last year. Button went on to win the world championship and Branson went on to make a few more billion dollars, so it ultimately worked out for everyone.

If you’re interested in dating the Argentinean-Japanese Michibata, you’d better act quick. I’m sure Sir Richard probably has her on speed dial, and you really don’t want to follow his act. You may have the coin to send an airplane, but he’s got the coin to send an airline. No way you’re going to win that one.

Source: Jenson Button Breaks Up With Jessica Michibata

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