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Jeeves Rolls on 24″s: Tuner Rolls-Royce Exemplifies Bad Taste

Posted in Bizarre, Car Accessories, car modifications, Car Stunts, Luxury Cars, Rolls Royce by Alex Kierstein | August 5th, 2009 | 4 Responses |
<i>Image courtesy Pistonheads.</i>

Image courtesy Pistonheads.

A loyal Pistonheads reader in Belgium shot these shocking pictures of this Silver Cloud II festooned with more flair than a TGI Friday’s waitstaff convention. From the flames to the hood scoop, this Roller is dripping with inconsistent messages. Imagine who would lurk inside – a mullet-sporting teenage Elton John? Anyways, there is a method to the madness, as we will reveal shortly.

<i>Image courtesy Pistonheads.</i>

Image courtesy Pistonheads.

This was apparently created by the Belgian national lottery as a way of promoting their participation in the “Euro Millions” lottery, and was meant to embody the motto of the campaign, “Become indecently rich.” When you consider it from that perspective, this is a perfect slam dunk. By driving this, you would by definition become indecently rich. Stress on the indecent part. Anyhow, it’s a lot of fun to look at and we bet it does a great job attracting a crowd – the perfect lottery PR gimmick.

<i>Image courtesy Pistonheads.</i>

Image courtesy Pistonheads.

[Source: Pistonheads]

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4 Responses

  1. Mike the Dog says:

    The wheels aren’t bad, the flames I can live with. The air dam and wing however, have GOT to go.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom says:

    Yeah, I’m with Mike. I’d rock a flamed Roller, but not a riced one.

  3. sam eufemia says:

    they should about ending it

  4. sam eufemia says:

    i meant to say “they should think about ending it”

    solid typing skills shining through there