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Jeep Rocky Mountain Edition Models Introduced, Score Big Yawns

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Looking to move as much merchandise as possible, Jeep as unveiled the Rocky Mountain Edition ultimate off-roading package. Available on either the 2009 Jeep Patriot, Liberty, or Compass, all Rocky Mountain Edition Jeeps come standard with a power sunroof and a wide array of accessories intended to bolster the out-of-doors, original Jeep experience.

We’re just kidding, the Jeep Rocky Mountain Edition isn’t anything more than a Jeep premium accessory package with a vaguely macho badge slapped on it. Seriously, we’re not even being snarky (for once), Jeep’s Rocky Mountain Edition package literally adds nothing more than a sunroof, premium wheels, premium entertainment system, 4 new paint colors, and a “Rocky Mountain” badge. The total cost of the package is about $2,000, give or take a couple hundred depending on the particular Jeep model, which is roughly the same amount you’d fork over if you just checked off the “Premium Package” when configuring a standard Jeep.

What’s more, since all of the engine options remain the same, the Rocky Mountain Edition package isn’t going to help you scale a mountain range any more than a standard Jeep would and there really isn’t much of a noticeable difference save for the fact that now you’ll be able to listen to Sirius satellite radio while you wait for the rescue crews to arrive.

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