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Jeep JT Pickup Rumors Spoiled Again…

Posted in Car Tech, Chrysler, Concept Cars, Design, Diesel, Jeep by will bee | August 16th, 2007 | 10 Responses |

SEMA 2007: Jeep JT Concept Ready To PlayAfter numerous concepts and showings and a tease just yesterday of spy shots of a Jeep JT Pickup testing it turns out yet again… No Jeep Truck For You! According to a clarification from Off-Road Magazine the test mule of the Jeep JT are for a line of military Jeeps aimed toward Isreal and Egypt.

So if the contracts get done with Isreal or Egypt and Jeep actually builds their pickup it will be yet another vehicle that we can add to the list of autos not available in the U.S. No make matters worse it was reported that the JT Pickup is powered by a European prefered diesel engine. Now if Jeep can provide a diesel engine for the overseas version of a Jeep not to be sold here why can they not do the same for a Wrangler that is sold in North America?

While “interest” in a vehicle nor critical approval are a guarantee of profits and sales Jeep already has a reliable following who are just waiting for the next great jeep. The 2007 Wrangler is stylistically a resounding success and has sold pretty well. The only draw-back for the new Wrangler is the weak drivetrain. But if that same Jeep Wrangler was powered by a Cummins diesel engine would that make Jeep owners happy and bring in new buyers?

The only way to get a Jeep Diesel is to let the folks at Jeep/Chrysler know that you want one. So what is your opinion of a Diesel Jeep Wrangler? Would you be interested in a Jeep JT Pickup?


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10 Responses

  1. Kent says:

    I’ve been searching for a vehicle just like this. Rough, rugid…..has enough torque witht he diesel to pull my boat….Decent MPG….It would be perfect.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi just wanted to say we already have Diesel wranglers in Australia.

  3. Will says:

    Chrysler…grow a pair and and produce a truck. The Gladiator is a no brainer. I would buy one today. What are the competitors to a Jeep truck? Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Nissian Frontier, and GMs Colorado and Canyon. Nothing would resemble the Gladiator and there isn’t an off-road capable truck in production today. With MPG in the spot light for most consumers, diesel is again a no brainer. JEEP’s current line-up is all 2 & 4 door SUVs varrying in size, luxury and capabilities, but all look the same. The only thing worth buying at Jeep is the Wrangler, Grand Charokee and 2010 Liberty. These cars have meaning & purpose. The Patriot, Compass and Comannder are Jeep imposters. Please, for the love of God, if any one reads this at Chrysler, produce a truck and if at all possible make it the Gladiator, but I would settle for the JT or J8.

    A Happy TJ Rubi owner, ready to move into a small, powerful, capable, energy efficeint truck.

  4. Robert Mihalko says:

    I would absolutely be interested in a jeep pick-up. I owned a 1988 jeep commanche and loved it. I sold it to get a little better gas mileage because of travel and, regretted it for a long time. I also attempted to restore an 1976 Jeep Honcho. Drove it for a while, that truck was heavy duty and would go almost anywhere.
    It is definatley time for a new Jeep pick-up(full-size and mid-size.) And they need to be available in a Diesel engine.

    Build it and they will buy…
    Go Jeep!

  5. Erik SImonsen says:

    I would be completely interested. I don’t want to buy a small truck drone from the other makers I want a jeep truck witha diesel mill. Why is this so difficult to do in the USA?!

  6. jack wolf says:

    Please bring the jt to america with a diesel.

  7. jack wolf says:

    if you build it they will come

  8. Vince says:

    Please, Please, Please!!! Make the Gladiator available in the U.S.. I see awsome vehicles all over the world that we Americans are cheated out of because of safety regulations and competition. The Gladiator will not compete the Dodge 1500 series truck. Only people who can not afford a good truck purchase Dodge trucks. Jeep people would be purchasing Jeep Trucks, not cheap skates. I drive Ford trucks, and I would purchase a Jeep Truck today, therefore Dodge would be crippling the only truck company that did not require a government handout to keep a float. There are so many nice vehicles not available to Americans that it sickens me. Let me decide if it is safe enough for me and my family. I am not required to wear a helmet when I ride a motocycle, but I am required to have side impact bags? Sell the JT with a Cummins four cylinder, and you will make millions. Make it strong and affordable, and do not make it fancy. As you know, the military is not purchasing hummers any longer. They sucked anyway. Market this thing as a work horse, strong and dependable, and every person that desires outdoor adventure, or waiting on the Red Dawn Disaster, will own a JT.

  9. Maxime Dumont says:

    I would totally buy a Jeep JT almost as shown here, but maybe with 2 more optional folding seats in the cabin, so you can bring some friends when needed. Otherwise, bring me exactly what you see up there, with a clean Diesel drivetrain (AND a manual transmission), and I’m all in.(I think the Gladiator is a bit too fancy with all this chrome here and there…) What Mopar has done with their JK-8 is a step forward towards a great, off-road capable, Jeep pickup truck, but still, it has to be factory built and sold by Jeep themselves, not a 50-hour labour thing, which we don’t know the parts price yet (and if it gets close to a Brute conversion, ouch!$$$). So, guys, what are you waiting for? Bring me my JT now!(oh, by the way, I’m not a truck guy, although I owned a rusty 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 for a few years, but this would push me towards truck ownership…new buyers for you guys, and you wouldn’t do it? Come on!)

  10. Earl Kibler says:

    I am planning on buying a new truck in 2012, if Jeep people don’t have enough common sense to build a Wrangler based pickup, I will be buying a Toyota Tacoma truck instead, I’m tired of waiting jeep. Build a truck please, stop building junk like the compass and patriot.