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Jeep gets captured putting their JT Pickup concept through some testing

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SEMA 2007: Jeep JT Concept Ready To Play

Some auto spy photos of what appears to be a Jeep JT pickup by KPG Photography have recently been released online. Jeep has been teasing buyers with a concept JT for a little while now. They even went as far as to invite some observers out to watch them trail test a small Jeep concept pickup. So hearing that Jeep might be taking the minor leap to converting a Jeep Unlimited into a pickup should really only garner one reaction: it is about time!

SEMA 2007: Jeep JT Concept Ready To Play

The test mule that was caught during testing had many of the signs of a Jeep that has been altered for heavier payloads with sturdier leaf-springs. It was also a right hand drive Jeep test vehicle which might indicate that they will be looking to procure some government contracts to supply the postal service or that the Jeep truck is destined for Australia.

If the thoughts of a Jeep pickup gets you excited even just a little bit you might want to take the leap over to AutoBlogand take in the sights. Whether a production Jeep JT pickup actually comes out in 2008 or 2009 or ever one thing is certain: Jeep will just keep on taunting us with the possibility.

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