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Jeep Fans: Your Camper Is Here

Posted in 4x4, Chrysler, General, Jeep, Off-Roading, Recreational Vehicles by Kurt Ernst | July 22nd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Own a Jeep and regularly use it for excursions to the middle of nowhere? Tired of sleeping on a cot, or worse yet on the ground? Had your share of waking up with a rattlesnake in your sleeping bag? There’s good news from the Mopar catalog: soon you’ll be able to order a pop up camper, designed for off-road use, at your local Jeep dealer.

There are actually two models to choose from. The price of admission starts at $9,995.00, which buys you the Trail Edition. Don’t think that you’re losing out on functionality, because even the bargain basement model comes with BFG Mud Terrain tires on alloy wheels, 12 inches of ground clearance and a torsion bar / trailing arm suspension designed to work when you’re SERIOUSLY off road. Wear areas are reinforced with diamond plate aluminum, and the interior sports a queen size bed, fold out couch, 110v power and a heavy duty canvas roof.

Spring for the $11,995 Extreme Trail edition, and you get 35 inch BFG Mud Terrain tires, reinforced frame, full underbody skid plates, 15” of ground clearance and an available pintle hitch for towing in extreme environments. As with the Trail Edition, the Extreme includes a queen bed and fold out couch, heavy duty canvas top and 110v power.

The campers will come in four Jeep Wrangler colors, including Bright Silver Metallic, Flame Red, Mango Tango Pearl and Natural Green Metallic. Chrysler tells us they’ll be available for order beginning next month, just in time for your Labor Day weekend camping trip.

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2 Responses

  1. barkingllama says:

    Where are the pictures, twat?

  2. Kurt says:

    We’re migrating to new servers and the pics are being transferred. They’ll be up later, dick.