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Jeep CRD Wrangler: For British Eyes Only

Posted in Chrysler, Detroit, Diesel, General, Jeep by Geoff | October 12th, 2008 | 5 Responses |

While the promise of a factory crate diesel engine kit for owners to swap into their Wranglers has yet to materialize, those in the U.K. are enjoying PRODUCTION Wranglers and Cherokees (Liberty) that utilize a 2.8-liter Common Rail Diesel engine made by VW.  Why Jeep/Chrysler won’t take steps to get this engine certified for U.S. sales is a point of serious frustration for diesel lovers everywhere.  Unlike the previous Liberty that Chrysler briefly attempted to offer with a diesel, the U.K. diesel Wrangler offers significant advantages over gas. 

Jeep CRD Engine
Jeep CRD Engine

According to Jeep’s own calculations the difference in fuel economy between diesel and gas engines is significant; at least 34 mpg on the highway for the diesel as opposed to 19 mpg for the most thrifty Wrangler.  For offroaders the difference is also felt with an additional 18% increase in power than conventional gasoline and over 300 lb feet of torque; 60 more than in U.S. versions.  Even the now extinct previous diesel version Liberty was capable of 26 mpg, which though not a stunning number, is still a respectable upgrade in efficiency in comparison to gas Wranglers.  Though nothing has materialized, at one point Jeep was reportedly working on an engine swap kit that would allow owners to install that same 2.8L diesel four-cylinder from the last-gen Liberty CRD into their Wrangler. The 2.8L four-cylinder produces 160 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, and good for 21 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.  As opposed to here in the States, where diesel engine options are more expensive, the British CRD Wrangler is several thousand pounds cheaper than the Petrol V6.  There are several possibilities why either a crate retrofit or factory produced diesel Wrangler has yet to come to fruition.  The aforementioned certification for emissions that Chrysler would have to negotiate may be an issue; California has the toughest such laws in the entire world.  However, that in and of itself is not such an insurmountable problem when taking into account the almost daily technological advances in producing clean running diesel engines and fuel.  More likely, the cash-strapped automaker is unable to put its energies into either area of production while it attempts to make good on at least one of the trio of electric and plug-in hybrids that it unveiled theatrically last month.  However, while those new vehicles were impressive and hopefully successes for the company, at some point automakers, law makers, environmentalists and the general public should recognize that new technologies applied to older vehicles already on the road are hugely important to any environmental and economic plan in this country.

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5 Responses

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  2. glenn arrinell says:

    i have a jeep wranler and would to have had a choice in a diesel engine

  3. Josephus says:

    I have been the proud owner of a JKL Rubicon fully loaded with winch, lift and oversized tires for 3 years now. I absolutely love the fun, flexibility (pun intended) and freedom my Jeep gives me and the whole family unit. From Grandpa down to my son, everybody loves to pile in with SuperDawg and head out on some adventure.
    With all that said I would sell my Jeep in a second, and buy a new CRD if only it were avaiable in the US.
    I realize Jeep should have built the 4-door version back in 97 when they released the TJ.
    I only hope they wise up soon and realize that there is a HUGE market for diesel Wranglers here in the US, Canada and Mexico.
    If the powers-that-be at Fiat can get 1 good impression with the fanatical Jeep loyalists to impress us – it is this:
    Put a diesel Wrangler on the street in the US and you will have your desired profit margin.
    It doesn’t have to be the Mercedes 3.0 V6 or the VM Motori 2.8 I4, it could be any reliable Fiat or IVECO diesel as long as it is comparble to the previous 2.
    Urea, NOx scrubbers, I don’t really care how they get there – just get there.
    So that we can “Have Fun Out There.”

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  5. Rick Byrd says:

    I want the specs and service manual for European Jeep Liberty crd so I can modify my 2.8 to European specs. I,m a mechanic and have no problems converting. And how do you take out the emissions, or will I have to order a CPM with out the american emissions and all the crap on my 2.8. There are a lot of Americans who want the Diesel Jeeps the Europeans have and will ask any one for help getting them sent to America or convert our own. Thanx