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Jay Leno’s Garage: Lamborghini Reventón

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Lamborghini Reventón

You know whats beautiful about Jay Leno as a car guy… he gets it. He gets what makes cars appealing, what makes them fun and what draws us to them. Leno is one of those rare people in Hollywood who collects cars based on how they make him feel as opposed to what the brochure says. He’s also wealthy enough that he’s able to give an unbiased opinion on automotive related things without getting his ass handed to him by the manufacturers. When Lamborghini came out with the Murciélago based Reventón in 2008, people thought they were nuts as the price was 1.31 million dollars. I mean sure it’s cool looking with its stealth fighter panels and matte paint, but at it’s heart it’s really nothing more then a jazzed up Murciélago LP640, a car that costs $725,000 less. Leno points this out in the beginning, but then says some nice things about it so as not to totally insult the car. So I ask you… is you’re penis really that itty bitty that you can justify an extra 700k for a body kit and funky dash?

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