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Jay Leno Shows Us The New BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle

Posted in BMW, Cool Stuff, Motorcycle, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 12th, 2010 | 1 Response |

I gave you some information on the release of BMW’s new K series touring bikes last week, but here’s an in depth overview of the K1600GTL, courtesy of Jay Leno’s Garage. Narrated by Jay Leno and BMW Motorcycle’s Pieter deWaal, the video gives details on the bike’s new 1.6 liter inline six motor, which is actually more fuel efficient than the 1.3 liter four that it replaces. The multifunction controller (which I still think is a bad idea) is fully explained by de Waal, who describes it as “the way forward” for motorcycles. I hope not, since motorcycles shouldn’t be as complex as automobiles.

To give you an idea of the relationship between Jay Leno and BMW, the company introduced the new bikes simultaneously in Europe and in America. In Europe, BMW chose to introduce the bike at Intermot, the world’s largest motorcycle, scooter and bicycle trade show. In the United States, BMW chose to introduce the new K bikes at Jay Leno’s Garage, which goes to show just how important Leno’s opinions are. Since the K1600GTL shown at the reveal was a prototype, and since it was raining during the video shoot, we don’t get to see the bike in action. I’m sure Leno will get one of the first K1600GTs in the country, so stay tuned for his review in an upcoming episode.

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