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Jay Leno Reviews a Resurrected DeLorean.

Posted in Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars by MrAngry | February 24th, 2010 | 4 Responses |


When the DeLorean came out in 1981 it was a head turner and at the time it was like nothing else on the road. The gull wing doors, stainless steel body panels and rear engine design were pretty trick and set the DeLorean apart from its competitors. Unfortunately though for DeLorean the car had one very big flaw – it was terrible. Upon release to the public the DeLorean looked like it was going 100 mph while standing still. This was a good thing, because in the event that you actually tried to hit that speed you would have found yourself waiting around for a while. Power came from a Renault sourced 2.6 V6 that produced 135 hp. So whereas DeLorean claimed a top speed of around 130 mph, in reality it would really only top out at just over 100 mph. Like I said, it was terrible.

Fast forward 25 years – the DeLorean Motor Company was purchased by a gentleman named Steve Wynn who now re-manufactures old cars into shining new examples that can be purchased by the general public for around $57,000. One of these new examples was recently brought down to Jay Leno’s Garage where Jay gave the car a good once over, took it for a spin and then proceeded to say some very kind words about a car that didn’t deserve them. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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4 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Wrong dude. Maybe you should drive one before reviewing it. Jay drove it and he liked it. I have personally had mine at 120mph and still had some left but I was uncomfortable pushing a classic that fast, let alone faster. If I didn’t own one and was looking for a review, I would take Jay Leno’s word over yours without a second thought.

  2. MrAngry says:

    Of course you would take Jay Leno’s word because he isn’t going to tell you these cars are piles of shit on his program.

    Me on the other hand… I totally will. Not only have I driven Deloreans but I actually owned a 17,000 mile original car for awhile so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about – this car was also a PERFECT example. The reason it was sold is that it was HORRIBLE. The cars are PAINFULLY slow, the electronics are garbage and the build quality is terrible. Hell, just pop open the boot and look underneath the carpet… you know what you’ll see… PLYWOOD that is held down with seam sealer. Sorry man, but I stand by what I said… these cars are crap… always have been, always will be.

    Nuff said…

  3. Michael says:

    If you had plywood in yours then you didn’t have a “perfect” example. This piece is a carpet with a fiberboard backing. It is held in place by plastic reusable snaps. I don’t know what you had in yours. Fiberboard or pressboard is used in just about every car on the road, in door panels, rear deck shelves, etc. Nothing at all wrong with it being used as a trunk mat backing.
    As far as fast…If you wanted a Vette slayer, look elsewhere. Mine has good acceleration, but I wouldn’t go drag racing with it but it dosent lack power by any means(mine does have the 200hp engine however)
    This was a car made in the early 80’s, it was a new design that never got the chance to go through the tweaking most cars do, so a few “upgrades” are needed but nothing at all major, just a few electrical relays, suspension bushings, etc. Nothing like the first gen Vipers and the notiorious head gasket failures or the first gen. Acura NSX’s with their snap rings. The Delorean needs just a few minor upgrades to make a very reliable road machine. I have had mine over a year now driven daily and it’s been flawless!
    Most of these cars are almost 30 years old, so previous owners have taken their toll on them with their “backyard fixes”. Finding a good one requires learning about them and knowing what to look for. Many times a new owner has jumped into a used Delorean with eyes wide open only to realize later the car suffers from poor ownership and neglect, not poor design.
    These are expensive cars to restore, but you do one right and drive it (instead of letting it sit like most early owners did) they are a true joy to own and drive. Mine is.
    Sorry you had such a bad experience with yours, but I have loved mine….Nuff said