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Jay Leno Drives A Truck

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Classic, Collector Cars, Cool Stuff, General, History, Old Cars, Trucks, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 14th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

We here at RideLust love Jay Leno’s Garage, and wish we had him for a neighbor. Really, how cool would that be to pop over and borrow whatever tool you’d ever need, or ask to take his latest toy for a quick spin through the neighborhood? Jay’s latest video has him explaining and driving his 1916 Autocar coal delivery truck, not something you see on the roads every day.

When it comes to modern vehicles, I’ll attempt to drive just about anything. Give me access to an F1 car, and I’ll even try to take a lap or two without killing myself or wrecking the car. Horsepower doesn’t scare me, but old trucks, on the other hand, do. Driving an 84 year old truck on the original cracked, drilled and dry rotted tires, even at 20 miles per hour, sounds like a recipe for disaster. The open, tall, cockpit virtually assures you that any accident will be a fatal one for the Autocar driver, and that crank starter inside the front bumper is just waiting to tear your arm off. After it shatters it shatters the bones in four or five places.

There are a lot of cars I’d ask Jay to borrow, but his 1916 Autocar isn’t one of them. He earns my respect for being braver behind the wheel of this lumbering beast than I would be.

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