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Jay Leno Camaro Generates Brief Buzz At SEMA 2009

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Yesterday, the Internet was set ablaze with rumors that the custom Camaro pictured above (and below) was actually the ever-elusive, heavily-speculated Camaro Z28 making a surprise appearance. Of course, it wasn’t. The Camaro in question is actually one of five custom jobs debuting at Chevy’s SEMA booth this year, and this particular tuner was exclusively built for TV personality and respected petrolhead, Jay Leno.

Although one would expect a man like Leno to have opted for the high-performance SS model, the Leno Camaro is a package designed for LS and LT models and thus comes with a 3.6L direct-inject V6. Thanks to twin Turbonetics T3 turbochargers and a custom air-to-air intercooler, however, the V6 in Leno’s Camaro cranks out a whopping 425-hp. For those of you who were living in an isolated Haitian village last year or otherwise missed the Camaro media blitz, that’s 40% more horsepower than the stock V6 and exactly equivalent to the power you’d get from the stock V8.

Is anyone else impressed by the futility of this project?

Source: GM

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