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Japanese Steampunk Motorcycles For Millionaires

Posted in Bizarre, Custom, Design, Harley Davidson, History, Mechanics, Motorcycle, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | November 8th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

I have tremendous respect for fabricators, guys who not only build their own cars or bikes, but actually make the parts themselves. The kind of guys that actually bend the tubes for the frames and machine the components out of a solid block of metal to make the parts they need for their custom bikes.

Japanese motorcycle builder Chicara Nagata builds his bikes that way. Everything on his bikes is hand-built except for the antique drivetrains he uses. Even the controls and the throttle are hand crafted. There are almost 500 parts on each bike, fabricating each part and assembling it can take Nagata up to 7,500 hours per bike. In 2006, he won the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, and three of his bikes are currently featured in an exhibit at New York’s Ippodo Gallery. If you’re interested in getting one, they’re $1 million apiece. Here they are:

(via Wired’s Autopia and Chicara.com)

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3 Responses

  1. […] to spare? Then head on over to Japan and pick up one of these limited edition, specially made steam motorcycles. Chicara Nagata builds these cycles for very prestigious riders; each consists of approximately 500 […]

  2. BoneDaddy says:

    Man you are one awesome crafter these are some really coolass rides keep going brother their beautiful mine don’t even compare to yours but it’s all about the build and ride theory be cool man

  3. doug says:

    On bobbers this extreme, how do you keep from catching stuff in the back wheel? Ride naked?