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Jaguar C-X75: Sexy ‘Lectric Cat

Posted in Concept Cars, EcoLust, Electric Cars, Fast Cars, Jaguar, Paris Auto Show by Dustin Driver | October 8th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Jaguar revealed this sexy futuristic feline at the Paris Auto Show in honor of its 75th birthday. The C-X75 extended-range electric is powered by four electric motors good for 780 horsepower and has a lithium-ion battery pack. It also rocks two biodiesel-compatible micro gas turbine engines that kick in to generate power once the batteries go dead, giving the car 500 mile of additional range. Performance? It hits 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and slaughters the quarter mile in 10.3.¬†And it’s absolutely stunning. The car’s shape is reminiscent of the 1966 XJ13 Le Mans prototype, one of the most gorgeous cats ever designed by the British company. Inside the thing is decked out in all kinds of aluminum and fine-grain leather. Its Bowers & Wilkins audio system uses a honeycomb array of transducers instead of speakers to pipe classical music throughout the cabin and help cancel out the roar of the two micro turbines. Other fun cat facts: The micro turbines move 25,000 liters of air per minute while spinning and their forceful exhaust is used to generate downforce. Rowr.

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2 Responses

  1. Set says:

    So sexy. So nice. My new favorite super car.

  2. […] was a good year. The venerable Lancia Stratos came back from the grave. Jaguar built a car with two jet engines in it. The Mustang shaved¬†its mullet and proved itself as a more-than-capable sports tourer. […]