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It’s Tough Being Nico Rosberg

Posted in Formula 1, Mercedes Benz, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 30th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Nico Rosberg: F1 star, creepy stalker dude, or both?

Being an F1 driver isn’t as easy as it looks. In addition to piloting the fastest cars on the planet for a living (while trying to not upstage your famous teammate too much), you have to be seen at all the right parties, wearing all the right clothes. Unlike rock stars, who have fixers (i.e., roadies) to arrange “dates” with groupies, F1 drivers, it appears, have to hunt down their own fans before going heels-to-Jesus.

The irony of this video is that attempting the same move at a party would likely get you maced (best case), arrested for stalking (worst case) or shot (even worse case). Racing F1 cars for Mercedes may be hard work, but it apparently has its rewards, too.

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