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Its good to see “Herbie” back on the track

Posted in General, Volkswagen by Corey | April 9th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Today at Oulton Park race track in Cheshire, UK, spectators will be able to see the return of probably the most famous VW beetle in the history of motor sport, Herbie.


The car has been painted white, has the famous red and blue stripe running along the bodywork and of course in keeping with the tradition that is Herbie, sports the number 53, which the car from the films has always had. The does have a slightly more powerful engine though, a 2.8 litre V6, it amazing that it actually fits into the car!

The car will be competing in the VW Racing Cup, but unlike the car in the film, this Herbie actually requires a driver, so who better than former motorcycle racer, 42 year old Steve Chaplin to take control of the wheel. Who upon deciding to enter into the VW racing cup realised that there would only be one choice of livery for the car and it had to be Herbie, and it is surprising that nobody has done it before, the car which is really a great updated version of the original car, is really stunning to look at, and for the spectator point of view to have a car that is so famous driving around the circuit has to be good for the sport and of course for the team itself, what ever the outcome the car is bound to get some great publicity.


The VW racing cup starts at Oulton Park today with rounds one and two being contested this will be followed by five other race days, all will be holding two rounds of the competition which will finish up at the Rockingham Race Track in Northamptonshire, with a total of twelve rounds in all.

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More Information [VW Racing Cup]

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