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It’s called “The Driver”… and nope, it’s not Alex Roy.

Posted in Animation, Videos by MrAngry | April 23rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Now this is the kind of animation I can get behind. The Driver looks to be an animated series that is slated to go hot sometime in 2011. There are no details as of yet as to where it will be shown, but from this first little preview, we like what we see. Right from the get go we’ve got three imports in the form of a Nissan 350z, a Mitsubishi Evo and a Honda S2000, and they’re all running scared from the po-po. It’s a pretty cool piece of animation no doubt, but to actually make this into a full feature animated production these guys are going to have to get permission from the manufacturers. If they manage to do that then awesome and we’re stoked to check it out when it hits the big screen. If not, well then hell, the guys at The Driver.tv can just keep making cool animated stuff for the internet and we’ll keep watching.

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