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It’s Alive! Chrysler Sebring Convertible Lives On In Rental Fleets

Posted in Cars, Chrysler, Dodge, General by Kurt Ernst | June 20th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Chrysler Sebring convertibles have much in common with cockroaches; neither is particularly desirable to have around and both prove exceedingly difficult to kill. Just when we thought it was safe to request a drop-top from the rental car agency, Autoblog reports that the Chrysler Sebring convertible will remain in production due to rental car agency demand for a four seat convertible. Low pricing also makes the Sebring attractive to rental fleets.

I’ll give the Sebring this: it does seat four and it has a larger trunk than a Mustang convertible. Even on vacation I’d have to take a pass on renting one, but for the average driver saddled with commuting in a metal box for most of the year, the convertible novelty outweighs the marginal build quality and indifferent handling of the Sebring. For top down cruising it’s just fine, as long as you avoid any twisty roads and high speeds along the way.

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