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It was a Banner Year in Sales for Lamborghini in 2007

Posted in Fast Cars, Lamborghini by will bee | January 18th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

There is a lot of talk in the media and among economists about the decline of the US Dollar; a looming economic recession; the decline of the housing market and yet despite all there there are still some people with a bit of play money burning a hole in their pocket. Lamborghini has been the benefactor of some of that play money in 2007 as they achieved a record year in sales.

For 2007 Lamborghini sold 2,406 cars, which  was a 15% increase over 2006 total of 2,087 cars sold. There turned out to be 1,000 people in the US with some play money that opted for a new Lamborghini in 2007. Europe accounted for 959 of the total cars sold in 2007.

Lamborghini is not alone in having a banner sales year. Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari have all had exemplary years in sales. That is a significant contrast to the year the domestic auto market had in 2007. Ford lost it’s #2 seller in America ranking to Toyota, and GM too is bracing for Toyota’s invasion on the #1 spot.

Maybe to protect themselves from reprisals by angry American automotive employees new Lamborghini owners should get a bumper-sticker that says, “my other car is a domestic.” Ofcourse we would all know that is a lie, but all they will need is a split seconds delay in-order to get away.

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