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Is This The FT-86 We’ll See?

Posted in auto industry, Featured, Geneva Motor Show, News, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | March 1st, 2011 | 13 Responses |
FT-86 II Concept

The FT-86 II Concept. Image: Toyota Europe

Toyota chose to roll out their latest FT-86 concept at this week’s Geneva Motor Show. Called simply the “FT-86 II”, the latest iteration of the much awaited FT-86 is probably close to what we’ll see in production form, at least in terms of overall styling. Base models probably won’t have HID headlamps, and I’d be willing to bet the LED driving lights don’t make it to production on entry level cars, either. The body kit shown will likely be optional (which is a good thing, since I think it’s hideous), and I’ll bet base models will come sans rear spoiler. Remember, Toyota’s original goal for the car was to produce an affordable sports car with decent power and superb balance; in today’s tough economic climate, affordable performance has to equal few amenities.

FT-86 II Concept

Image: Toyota Europe

Toyota was careful to not leak any details on power, performance or availability. We already know that the FT-86 will use a front-mounted Subaru boxer engine and will feature rear wheel drive, and Toyota tells us the car will be just under 167 inches long, 50 inches tall and nearly 71 inches wide. The wheelbase will be 101 inches, which is long enough to provide stable, predictable handling. Both EU and American versions are expected to be launched sometime next year, but Toyota isn’t close enough to production to give specifics just yet.

FT-86 II Concept

Image: Toyota Europe

I have to say that I’m not thrilled with the styling of the FT-86 II concept, which looks too much like a Scion tC with a body kit for my own tastes. Let’s hope that I’m right, and that base models come with cleaner lines, because the drag-inducing angles and lines of the cars front end just don’t do it for me. What’s your take on the car’s style?

Source: Toyota Europe

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13 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    The front end kinda reminds me of the LFA and the back looks kinda like a kia forte koup. Replace the toyota badges with the subaru and it will be a great car I think.

    drop a 2jz and make a new supra lol or more for your tastes the 5.0 ;)

  2. BigRuss says:

    i love it…

  3. Lee says:

    really liking the side profile but I think the front and rear are a bit over the top and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got toned down for production. All in all though, very nice.

  4. T-Palm says:

    First of all, styling is completely objective but age groups generally agree on what looks good based on what they’ve been exposed to when they were young. In my opinion the car looks pretty sick and I’m in the age group of younger buyers that Toyota is marketing the Scion brand to and that’s really what Toyota’s looking for. I agree that the styling may be to radical for some and Toyota will probably notch it back on lower trims.

  5. TMoney says:

    Yep I agree, down a notch or throw a BA engine in it, but since it’s a yota….. Just put it a notch below lookin like it’s straight outta NFS Carbon.

  6. JDMEverday says:

    IT LOOKS LIKE A Cheaper version, sports compact coupe with a LFA front face lift so people can go out and say they own dis investing money & waste it $300+ k on a Lexus LFA which is a great super car

  7. Chris says:

    I really like it. Not digging the position of the LED day runners though. I hope they refine the butt a little more before final production. It looks a little too RX8ish for me. Well done toyota. NOW KILL THE PRIUS AND BRING BACK THE SUPRA

  8. J D Stadler says:

    I’m getting shades of last-gen Supra from the side profile and sorta from the rear. If I was in the market for a 2-door, it’d be on my list for sure. I’m kind of more excited about the Subie though

  9. turbosrt says:

    First off we all wish it was a supra but its not. Second the LFA is a pure waste of money and only worth half or less of what it is. Finally whereas the FT86 seems good, if it is over 23k then its another failure. Oh and your rite the body kit is ugly as hell

  10. eddie_357 says:

    i think the supra is void of style except for the awesome wing,love the car.the f86 is overstyled too much going on,dont like it.

  11. jeff says:

    i want that car, its great

  12. Ryan H says:

    This new FT-86 video that was just released is making me even more excited…. Man… I can’t wait.