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Is there anything wrong with automotive cross-breeding?

Posted in auto industry, Best of, Car Branding, Car Tech, Design, Detroit, General, News by MrAngry | November 18th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

*This AMX was powered by a Chevy LS-engine that looks as though it was made to be there – simply stunning conversion!

A few weeks ago I was walking around the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV oogling the thousands of amazing show cars. The entire show is one gigantic aftermarket spectacle that must be seen to be believed, as it showcases just about every trend the automotive spectrum has to offer. One such trend that caught my eye was the crossbreeding of parts (power plants in particular) from one manufacturer to another. For instance, it seemed as though every hot-rod, rat-rod and pro-touring car out there had some type of GM LS motor under the bonnet. Now granted it makes sense, because in the scheme of things, who wouldn’t want a stout 600 hp, aluminum small block under the hood.

*Image Credit: Inside Line

However seeing them in cars like old Ford trucks and AMX’s was a little strange. It used to be that mixing and matching like this was a big no-no amongst the brand loyal, but nowadays it’s totally commonplace. So, anyone have a problem with this, or do you think it is the right way to go.

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2 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    now i dont think there are that many cars that is a nono to put a LS engine in, maybe a Audi or a beemer but in those cases its just cus the original engines are good and the manufacturers have made alot of engines you kan use. but i think that is pretty uniqe for the Chevy V8 since if i saw someone put a Volvo engine in a saab or a nissan RB26 in a mazda i think i would get quite upset… also the SR20 in the mustang for the tokyo drift movie i was a bit ticked of…

    • frank says:

      it was an rb26 just to clear that up. the s15 had an rb26 in the movie. and in the mustang. especially when you look at build pics of the ‘stang. the sr20 would be a stupid idea to put in a heavy chassis like the 67 mustang gt