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Is the Ford Endeavour out to destroy the Polar Bear?

Posted in Ford by will bee | June 26th, 2007 | 1 Response |

 Ford India ad for Endeavour

Does it seem possible that Ford India’s marketing department haven’t heard of Global Warming and the plight of the Polar Bear? Are the Big Three maybe seeking out ways to strike back at Al Gore and his Inconvenient campaign on big business? That seems to be the concern of Manu Sharma of Orange Hues as he questions the logic behind the Ford Endeavours ad campaign in India.

What is the message coming out of the above partial photo at the top of this article? Ford Endeavour: Habitat Wrecker… oh, and we’re Safe Too!

There was a time where such commercial humor was light-hearted and acceptable, but there are times where it is not. In 1964 there were not too many JFK jokes being bantered around. In September 2001 there were not that many terrorist jokes tossed about frivolously. In 2007 musing over the wrecking of a habitat which is leading to the loss of a species and may in less than a century alter the world as we know it… yeah, good time Ford.

Check out Orange Hues to Manu Sharma’s analysis of the ad.

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