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Is the F700 Concept the Future of Mercedes-Benz Design?

Posted in Auto Show, Concept Cars, Design, Mercedes Benz by will bee | September 18th, 2007 | 6 Responses |

Mercedes Benz F700 Concept

It has been said that when Mercedes-Benz placed their F700 concept sedan on the spinning stage at the Frankfurt Auto Show they were putting on display the future of Mercedes design. While there will obviously be alterations to what you see now on the F700 when the car morphs into the 2012 C-Class, what you see above may be the dominant features to be exhibited. And just like many future concepts there are those who see the beauty in the intended design concept and there are others who may just be glad they buy BMW’s.

Mercedes F700 Concept

The Mercedes F700 is low, wide and stretched and reshapes the proportions with which we think about our sedans much the way Chrysler did years ago with their cab-forward design. The wide wheel base of the F700 provides for a wider engine bay and greater space within the cabin. Fitted into that wider engine bay is Mercedes DIESOTTO drive system that consists of a 1.8 liter hybrid engine. In pure hybrid mode the new powertrain is pushing out 258-hp and gets 44-mpg while emitting a mere 127 grams-per-kilometer of CO2 emissions.

Mercedes F700 Concept

The interior of the Mercedes F700 is very roomie and displays great seat versatility for the concept, but it seems unlikely that most of what is portrayed will move on into the production model. Hopefully one of the items not moving into the production model is the print designs on the leather seats. While they may help to hide future stains they do not have a high appeal.

Mercedes F700

So talk to us here… what do you think of the future of Mercedes-Benz design? Like some forward thinking designs do you think it is something that could grow on you or do you think your immediate reaction will carry-forward? If this is the future of automotive design do you think the car buying public will be ready for it in 2012?


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6 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    I hope not. I think the design is fugly.

  2. Dee says:

    There’s something about this car that I just don’t like. Sure, it has a unique look but it kinda looks like a bug with the insect looking headlights. Even the top of the car looks like it has wings for.. what is that.. window atop?!? I don’t like it’s shape or proportions. This is a European car that wouldn’t even make it to any of the James Bond movies. And the interior… come on people, it’s a Mercedes!! What’s with the prints?? My Pony has better seats.. and I have a cheap car compared to what people would have to pay for this car.

    I like cars that have the futuristic type theme and design but this is not what I had in mind. Boooooo!!

  3. xVWdesigner says:

    Just some Automobile Designer gossip, and why the F700 is so nauseatingly bad!!! I just happen to know a Gorden Wagener who is supposedly responsible for this ugly thing. / A few years ago Mr. Wagener was almost fired from Volkswagen Design and fled to Mercedes./
    I read something about the design theme on this show car being AQUA DYNAMICS. Vow , maybe because it looks like a dead whale ready to sink to the bottom of the Ocean!!!
    If this AQUABLOB would not have the Mercedes grille and star on it, and lets say it would have been a Chinese Cherry Concept the press would have ripped it to pieces.
    By the way, this styling aberration was unanimously voted the biggest disappointment of the Frankfurt Motorshow.
    We are going to see some ghastly Benzes if hotshot Gorden Wagener is given the powers to make any decisions at MB design.

  4. malik says:

    i never seen this before my life i think this is wow and wow

  5. Tapety says:

    Very nice, very futuristic.

  6. Chd2 says:

    this car is awesome! If you read more on the internet about DIESOTTO this makes so much sense for the rising energy costs. I would buy one today if they were out. Finally, a very safe and very economical car…what we need TODAY.