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Is “SHIFT 2: Unleashed” Really That Good?

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Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

I’ve been playing video games since the 1970’s. Back then we had such favorites as Pong, Tank Commander and Space Invaders; seriously, that was about it. Over the years game consoles developed way past the point of anything that could be found in an old school arcade. Gamers could now lose themselves and become immersed in worlds and story lines never before thought possible. Racing games, as with all genre’s have evolved by trying to combine the best attributes of the arcade experience, with simulation style game play. As someone who does a fair amount of track driving I can tell you that games take you about 50% of the way, as nothing that I’ve experienced can simulate the g-forces or sphincter puckering moments that can occur on a real racecourse in a real car. Shift 2: Unleashed from EA Sports seeks to change that by combining the most advanced physics engine available, with professional driver input and track modeling that looks to be unmatched by any racing game on any console. So, will Shift 2: Unleashed live up to the hype? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

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