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Is anyone watching the Tour de… zzzzz… France?

Posted in General by will bee | July 10th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Tour de France - Cancellera

As the Tour de France concludes Stage 3 of this 20 stage epic bicycle race you just have to wonder is anyone in America even watching anymore? If Fabian Cancellera continues to lead (the overall leader of the race is marked by a Yellow Jersey. See photo above) beyond stage 10 will the American viewing audience sit-up and take notice? What if Lance Armstrong suddenly leaped on a bike in Stage 4 and powered his way into contention in the late stages? …Okay, so we are saying that something short of a miracle could not get the American populace engaged in a cycling race with over 100 years of History (Doh! I probably messed up any chance of increasing viewers by mentioning the word History.).
If nothing else take a moment to enjoy some of the highlights of the race shown on your nightly news or on sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. And if the chance to watch trained athletes who have shaped their bodies and honed their skills to compete in this 3,000 to 4,000 kilometer race (that’s 1,800 to 2,500 miles to us Americans) then treat it like some of you do Nascar and tune in for the chance to see some horrific crashes.

Tour de France


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One Response

  1. Robin says:

    For my generation, Lance Armstrong is the Tour. Without him its just a bunch of eruros with really expensive bikes again. Lance was everyman, and that’s why I watched. The organizers should just admit to the world how important he was to the sport’s visibility.