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Irony, Thy Name Is Toyota Advertising

Posted in Funny Videos, General, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | March 10th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Remember the good old days, when Toyota built reliable but boring cars for the masses who simply wanted to get from point A to point B with as little fuss as possible? Remember the legendary reputation of their compact pickup trucks, so tough that not even TopGear could kill one?

Back in those days, it probably seemed like a good idea to emphasize the Toyota pickup’s nearly uncontrollable power. These days? I’m guessing Toyota would like a “do over” on the following Australian TV spot. Video after the jump.

toyota car – Watch more Funny Videos

But wait, it gets better. When the RAV4 was redesigned, Toyota launched a campaign focusing on how desirable the car would be. In this spot, we see a husband and wife who’ll stop at nothing to get sole custody of their new RAV4.

my car….no my car – Watch more Funny Videos

Yeah, I’m thinking that any video that links ‘flaming death’ to Toyota is pretty much taboo in their corporate offices these days. Still, the video reminds us that car makers used to have a sense of humor, and I don’t think we’re going to see that again for a good, long time. Especially from Toyota.

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One Response

  1. DaveMofo says:

    My gf and I were watching 30 Rock and a Toyota ad came on. It said “Toyota, moving forward”.
    I turned to gf and said “At a high rate of speed, uncontrollably”.

    Couldn’t help myself, I guess.