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Iron Man Finds the Right Fit with the Audi R8

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audi R8

As more and more cars are seeking major movie roles you may see a new style of Hollywood Agent catering to the needs of their high profile auto clients. The latest auto maker to make the leap to movie stardom is Audi and the R8 inparticularly.

For the upcoming Iron Man film the production team was seeking out a line of cars that fit in with the visual theme of the movie. Few cars on the market today could compliment the opulance of the Tony Stark character and the sleek metal body of Iron Man like the Audi R8.

Iron Man The Movie 2008

Other Audi’s that will be making appearances in the Iron Man movie set for release on May 2nd, 2008 will be the A6, the Q7 and the new S5. However, unlike most Hollywood actors these professionals actual pay to be in the movies. For their prominent product placement Audi will be pitching in a hefty wads of cash toward marketing and promotions for the film. But do not get your hopes up that you will see a banner advertising “The Great Iron Man Audi R8 Give-Away.” Those things only happen in the movies.

The Audi R8 is a fantastic fit for the duplicity that is the lead character of the film (added to even more by the man playing that lead role, the multi-faceted Robert Downey Jr.). The car is a melding of both heart-pounding performance and sophisticated, luxury accommodations. Both lead roles will be sharing equal strengths in might and intelligence.

Now what is the agents cut from the actors salary?


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