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Iran bans luxury cars from cheap gasoline

Posted in Gas Prices by David | June 8th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

Iran’s government subsidizes the price of gasoline for the general public. Imagine gas prices at 40 cents a gallon instead of 4 dollars a gallon. Well that has come to an end for drivers who drive luxury cars in Iran. They cut off all luxury drivers from cheap gas.

lexus luxury cars

I’m starting to wonder if we couldn’t learn a little by making people who drive SUV’s and Hummers pay a bit more at the pump. Call it the idiocy tax or something.

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4 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    What gay post. Isnt this a site for people who appreciate cars? Even exotics and SUVs that suck fuel? unbelievable…

  2. Erik Z says:

    That is rather stupid, I’m glad I don’t live over there, I’m not sure I could afford it!

  3. Cargo Vans says:

    This is totally a wrong decision.

  4. :-( Because of iran government some drivers loose their job.
    Now common man in iran will not drive a car.