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How to break your back in six easy steps…

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Redneck Truck Jump

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a sure fire way to break your back, have no fear because thanks to these rednecks (N.A.R.) and a busted up old truck, we can now show you how. You see the formula is actually quite simple.

• Step 1: Find a large piece of land that spans about 3 acres.
• Step 2: Obtain an old pick-up truck, preferably one that’s covered in prefabbed rust crumple zones.
• Step 3: Construct a makeshift ramp out of wooden palettes, dirt and old car parts.
• Step 4: Make sure at least 6 of your buddies are on hand and that at least one of them has a camera phone.
• Step 5: DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear safety gear.
• Step 6: Give yourself at least 1/4 mile of acceleration room, pin the throttle and go for broke.

Now, obviously your results may vary, but we’re confident that if you follow these 6 simple steps, that you’ll be able to break your back (along with other vital body parts) in no time.

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