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Infiniti G35 Skyline? I think not…

Posted in FAIL, Funny, Infiniti, Nissan, Nissan GT-R by MrAngry | October 30th, 2010 | 55 Responses |

Nissan Skyline

Why is it that people are never satisfied with what they have. Take this tool for example, here we have a perfectly good Infiniti G37, a car that’s a great performing sports coupe in its own right. Yet here we see that the owner has ditched all things Infiniti and is simply trying to fool us into thinking that this is now a Nissan Skyline. My question is, why? He’s not impressing any chicks with this car, because odds are they don’t know what the hell a Skyline is to begin with. Plus the guys that do know what a Skyline is are simply going to think that this guys a giant douche bag. Hmm… maybe I’ll go outside and tack “Challenger” onto the back of my Dodge Magnum, this way no one will ever know that I really have a big black station wagon as opposed to Dodge’s newest muscle car.

Hat tip to Big Larry and Pretty Boy Carl for the pic!

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55 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    in Japan the rear end is technically correct… but i agree he is a douche…

  2. Humanparody says:

    That is basically a rebadged Nissan Skyline. We are the only country that gets it badged as an Infiniti. It’s not an uncommon thing for people to swap the badges for what it truly is.

  3. XXXX says:

    This guy is not a ricer. He has either imported it into the US or bought it privately as a Jap-spec or an Aussie-spec Skyline. And also, the title is wrong. It’s a G35, not a G37.

  4. BobK says:

    Humanparody- I agree. I had a euro BMW M635csi but preferred the simpler M6 moniker and badge, but took plenty of shit from the “purists” over the badge swap, nevertheless, my wheels from across the pond had a 40hp and 250lb weight advantage over the badge I chose to display.

  5. Gutierrez says:

    I’ve seen Pontiacs with Holden emblems. I like to take of emblems off

  6. eddie_454 says:

    lots of honda guys put type R badges on their cars,another euro asia only thing.they have jdm bumpers to make em look like their japanese counterparts,but you tell by the vin if they are clones

  7. mapko15 says:

    that is actually right in japan the infiniti g35 is really a nissan skyline I have seen a couple of these and I even think that nissan brought over a few examples

  8. Sparks says:

    By the parallel drawn in the article, I take it that MrAngry doesn’t know shit about Nissan. A quick little bit of Wikipedia research would confirm what has been said; that the G35/37 is a rebadged Skyline. The car MrAngry thinks he is talking about is the GT-R which has been its own model for some time. Also, to those that think this is some JDM model: you’re also dumb. You can get the JDM Skyline badges on eBay for $50 (versus many $1,000’s to import a more or less equivalent JDM model). It would be an obvious JDM if it was RHD. I think its kind of cool and I would do it if I had a G. Its a little nod to those who know their shit. Its kind of like an obscure vanity plate. Even if only a few people get, those are the people you want to make laugh.

  9. MrHappy says:

    first of all…that is a G35 and not a G37
    you should be knowing that as an american auto blogger.

    second, that IS a skyline
    the one you are referring to is the Nissan GT-R


    third a lot of people prefer to import their car’s from home or where ever, so it’s no big shocker

    FAIL on you’re behalf sir

  10. Sparks says:

    MrHappy I’m with you on 1. and 2. but not 3. It is usually ridiculously hard and expensive to import a car from another country, especially when there would be basically no benefit over the US model (as far as I know). In fact it would create a LOT of hassles from registration, to emissions, to insurance. As I said, I have thought it would be a cool idea to get the JDM badges on eBay.

  11. MrAngry says:

    Do you guys honestly think he imported this car from overseas?

  12. 98dsmgs says:

    Although flawed in his delivery, Sparks is correct. First off, it is a G35, not a G37. Second, the G35 is the equivilent of the japanese Skyline 3.5 GT. Its kind of like how the RSX Type S as we know it here, is called an Integra Type R or like somebody stated previously, a Holden Commadore is like the Pontiac G8. I highly doubt he imported it, and the likey solution is that he bought a JDM Badge Kit(like this one http://www.z1motorsports.com/350_g35/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=68&products_id=3940&osCsid=kke29ikpp5tq108hmc5ikehj42 ), rebadged it and called it a day. Its simply a JDM Conversion and is in my eyes, rightful since theyre technically the same car. I love your posts MrAngry but I would consider doing a little more research before posting. This could turn into a beautiful,”overseas equivilents” blog showing cars that are identical, just badged differently.

  13. Fact Police says:

    … Mr. Happy is right. It is important to get your facts straight, before you start calling poeple “giant douche bags” Mr. Angry.
    – credibility is everything, and your currently lacking…..

  14. MrAngry says:

    98dsmgs – You know what, your idea of an “Overseas Equivalents” post is actually pretty damn good and I’m going to take you up on that this week, thanks for the suggestion!

    BTW – you spelled “equivilents” wrong.

  15. MrAngry says:

    Gentlemen / Ladies.

    First off I would like to thank you all for pointing out my confusion of a G35 with a G37, trust me, because of you guys that mistake will never be made again. Second, and keep this in mind before getting all self-righteous, I originally posted this up because, in as much as this may be a Skyline in other parts of the world, here in the United States, the car is badged as an Infiniti, the same way that the Pontiac GTO is a re-badged Holden as 98dsmgs pointed out.

    Keep in mind though that you’re fact checking criticism has been noted and will be taken to heart, and just so you know…you guys complete me…

  16. amped says:

    I’m pretty sure MrAngry knew that about the g35/g37 being a skyline 350gt/370gt in japan. Since everyone is on MrAngry’s case I would like to give my opinion considering I’m an actual skyline GT-R owner. I have a 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R here in Toronto.

    First of all the g35/g37 is only a skyline in Japan and NOWHERE else in the world. It is important to get your facts straight before you call anyone out. So that you can prevent yourself from looking like an idiot like most of you do right now. The skyline nameplate was only used in Japan and in Australia. It was only used in Australia for the BNR32/HCR32/HNR32 models and only during 1990-1992. It was stopped being sold in Australia shortly after.

    I agree with his point about rebadging the car. As far people saying its the same car. No it is not. There are very subtle differences between most JDM and USDM models. One of the main differences would be the bumper as Japanese bumper regulations are far more tolerant than American standards. Aside from owning my skyline I also have a 1995 Lexus SC400 which is a 1995 Soarer 4.0gt in Japan. I would never rebadge mine as such seeing as any true enthusiast would be able to point out the differences between the Lexus SC400 and the Soarer 4.0gt. First of all the SC400 came with an analog dash cluster while the Soarer came with a digital gauge cluster. Next the SC400 came with full leather interior as standard equipment while the Soarer only came with cloth interior with no optional leather interior available. Also the Soarer came with available air assisted suspension while the SC400 never had that option available.

    Anyone can google information and “pretend” to be an expert like most of you have just now. But the select few that actually know the knowledge off hand and can recite it at any given moment are the ones that usually are the least opinionated about things like this because they don’t have to prove anything.

    p.s. for anyone doubting my information please kindly do proper research first before you even attempt to correct me.

  17. 98dsmgs says:

    Thanks for the love MrAngry lol. I look forward to reading the “Overseas Equivalents”(i double checked the spelling this time!)

  18. amped says:

    I almost forgot to mention that after 2002, the skyline model was no longer associated with the GT-R. After that the GT-R and skyline were two separate model lineups. In fact theres even a skyline SUV in japan. So please stop mentioning GT-R here since it has absolutely no context to this article.

    • BigJ says:

      +1^ They had to separate skyline and GT-R for a main reason. And the main reason is found right here on this page! American Idiots! Look at what they had to go through to get the GT-R over here? Man and here people are calling G35’s G37’s and don’t know a damn thing about Nissan/Infinity or JDM. Reading through this page just makes me laugh at how stupid you all are (except amp). Have fun with your Chrysler product…

      I drive a 2006 Infinity G35 6mt, and a Nissan Skyline 350GT…. but only have one car.

  19. Taylor says:

    @amped: How do we know that you’re not a wiki/google trolling douche?? Like Fact Police stated, “it’s all about credibility”.

    Of course your ability to recite your knowledge of your car and its variants around the world leaves me with the impression that you also have a vagina installed on said car so that you can become better aquainted with it.

    Can’t we all just get along??

  20. amped says:

    @Taylor Swift

    I don’t really think I’m one of those wiki/google trolling douche because it is actually part of my job as an automotive journalist to know things like this off hand. Based on your perspective I think its safe to assume that you are a late 30’s male that is single, live in his mom’s basement, drives a shitbox(most likely a 4 door civic), trolls on the internet to act cool, and your best fried is your right hand.

    Any true car enthusiast can tell you almost anything about the car they love. Mr Angry has always talked very highly of his charger and knows as much about its lineage as I do with my skyline. Does that mean he installed a vagina on his car? Stop projecting your inner most desires on other people. Just because you drive an ugly, slow, and cheap piece of shit that you can’t enjoy driving doesn’t mean you have to hate everyone that actually drives a car that is amazing to drive and looks just as good.

    As far as credibility let me list some credentials for you. I have owned my GT-R since 2006. The first skyilne I ever drove was in 1994. I’ve been working on cars since I was 15. I’ve been an automotive journalist since 2008. I’m currently part of the biggest skyline car club in canada. Covered 8 international auto shows in the past 2 years. Driven over 60 different makes and models of cars.

    One last thing I forgot to mention. So do the police give you any trouble for the dildo you installed on your shifter. I heard they caught you once using it on yourself outside a parking lot.

  21. wow says:

    You guys sound like a bunch of dorks…

  22. eddie_357 says:

    wow talk about getting off topic,he just wanted to know what eveybody thought about rebageing a car even if there is a equivalant.i drive a crx with a gsr motor in it, but i dont put a gsr badge on it.its a big no-no to rebadge you car from what it really is. people give each other a load of crap over that kind of thing.and mr.a is right the skyline guy is not impressing anybody.finally its easy to jump someones ass like troll forum flamers, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • BigJ says:

      That’s because your crx is not a GSR, sure Acura is Honda, but the Integra and CRX have completely different body styles and different motors. The G35 and 350GT are identical except for luxery packaging in the infinity model such as the cluck, leather seats, and left hand drive. This is exactly why they aren’t sold as Skyline 350gt’s in america, because 90% of you are complete idiots. Look up the v35 motor and see what you find.

  23. Taylor says:


    I, like yourself, have worked on cars since I was 14-15 years old. I even worked as a mechanic for ten years before I chose a different line of work. You do have me on the automobile journalist though.

    I have also owned 25 cars in my driving lifetime. Most forgotten and some forgettable.

    As far as being an automobile enthusiast, I am, just at a different level than you.

    So two important questions remain to be answered:

    Who has the coolest Mom?

    Who has the coolest basement room?

    You or me

  24. ppdilxs says:

    Get your facts right before you open that shit box of a mouth!! All G’s is a Skyline! Its just badge to be sold as a luxury sports sedan in the states so stupid Americans like us buy them at a premium price!! The fact that you dont know how to think I’m gonna help you out in that department! The American market was one of few contrys that was not chosen to get the Skyline name, not knowing we associate that name with the Skyline GTR witch is a moded version of the base Skyline! ie. Ford Mustang gt is to a Mustang GT500 KR Supersnake or Corvette is to a Zr1… this might help you out more because you problably drive one!! Dodge neon is to a Dodge neon SRT4!!

  25. MrAngry says:

    Just a quick FYI: “contrys” is actually spelled “countries”… but I’m sure you knew that.

  26. Idiot(mrangry) says:

    U r the biggest stupid idiot ever!!. First of all, its a g35 being pictured above, not a g37. Second of all, under the hood of a g35 on the IDENTIFICATION BADGE FROM JAPAN is sais V35. Third of all, the g35/v35skyline’s are almost identical in every way minus right hand drive, minus cloth seats, and v35/skyline dont have sunroofs. So moron, next time you go comparing a dodge magnum to a dodge challenger. Get your moron facts right! Stupid Moron!!!!

  27. MrAngry says:

    Ugh, you Infiniti fan boys do get tiresome after awhile…

  28. Jalahir Samadov says:

    Hello ,

    Please be informed that, we have INFINITI G35 ( engine VQ35572433; body INKB61E17M200698).
    We have problem with that but can nor solve that is twitching seldom. First of all advised to change gear box already changed but did not help.
    Could you Please advice how to solve this problem.

  29. Sky says:

    The funny thing is, Japanese owners want infiniti badges and U.S. owners want JDM Nissan Badges.

  30. Jarred says:

    Well for starters, this is an Infiniti G35, not G37. And the owner of the car didn’t put the Nissan Skyline badges on there. a select number of G35’s came stock with all of that. I know this because I am looking to buy one right now. I was rather confused when I saw that too, so I researched it. I suggest you do the same.

  31. BigJ says:

    He’s a douche bag? You’re an Idiot. That IS a skyline 350GT. An Infinity G35 is USDM and the Nissan Skyline 350GT is JDM. They’re the same cars moron. Look it up before posting something like this, and by the way that’s the gen 1, you can clearly tell by the spoiler. So if it does in fact have the emblem switch then the “douche bag” driver would be in a G35, not G37. Why do you even have car website? Give up, I can’t believe you titled it “G37 skyline i think not”. The g37 looks totally different from the back! Ridelust?! I think not! Hop in your GM and drive away, you failed big time.

  32. David says:

    Technically it really is a skyline. The usual skyline GTR’s that people are used to dropped the skyline name when the new 2010 GTR was released and infinti took over the skyline title. so now the old skylines are now go by Nissan GTR and Infiniti’s are called Nissan Skylines.

  33. DJ Fulton says:

    i just wanted to reply to your comments about changing the infiniti logo to nissan… if you do your research before making comments you will find out that in japan ” infiniti ” does not exist and what we know as a Infiniti G35 is a skyline V35 in japan. People that are JDM ( Japanese Domestic Market ) enthusiast often convert their vehicles to look like the foreign one.. just like the all american muscle car lovers that put all these stickers on their cars without having nothing of that sort in the vehicle ( hemi, mopar, SS logos, GT, ect…) car enthusiast are all over the world, wether you like import, american muscle or german tuning, they all should be respected..

  34. ramon says:

    well if you want to get technical, its a G35 not a 37…so you might want to get ur facts straight before you start correcting this in the first place

  35. V35 JDM Skyline says:

    I guess you didnt know that a g35 in japan is called a 350gt Nissan skyline. Nice job faggot

  36. Tim Wilhoit says:

    So, is the Skyline an Infiniti or a Nissan? Saw an Infiniti Skyline a few days ago and thought it looked great. May want to buy one. Where to look for one? Thanks.

    • i lika duh penis says:

      TO 98dsmgs: was almost correct in his statement, although about 2 years late, the rsx type s that we have here in the states, are quite different than its counterpart over in japan, and other countries that have the type r. just some of the differences include, motors, suspension (springs, struts, brakes, tires, rims, sway bars, etc…, brakes, aero kits, in and exhaust mani, throtle bodies, steering wheels, seats, LSD, headlights, color (we dont get championship white :( anyways, yea there is a huge difference in the USDM RSX and JDM integra

  37. JayDeeEm says:

    People rebadge their cars all the time to their JDM counterparts. The reason? Probably for attention, or some serious JDM pride. The other day, I saw an IS300 with an Altezza badge.

  38. Aprchwitcaution says:

    I know i am a little bit late to add a comment but imma put my 2cents in… one it is not stupid to rebadge your usdm car to its jdm counter part. Ricers, or import tuners do it as a way to pay homage to those companies.. i’ve seen Acura Integras rebadged to Honda Integras. The Infiti G35 is the rebadged Nissan Skyline,us here in the states never had a nissan skyline because of the states emitions.All nissan did was find a loop whole and release it. its also on the chasis number. us in the state dont refore to our cars by their chasis number but by the model. the v35 in japan is the g35 chasis…. and also the skyline 350gt chasis. thank you

  39. Andrew says:

    Wow. Maybe your missing something.

    Indeed it isn’t a skyline. Maybe you have your head so far up your North America market you can’t stop to realize that some of these cars have other names. Such as. An Acura nsx? Called Honda nsx in japan. No surprise there eh. Rsx= integra.

    Nissan and infinity are the same company. First off this car is a g35. Not a 37. And secondly he has the correct badging for JDM markets. Personally I’m not a fan. If I were to take badges off and put jdm ones on I’d do the whole car jdm. So take a gander at google and type in 350gt. They’re marketed as a skyline.


  40. Steve says:

    First of all it’s an infiniti g35 and in other countries it is a nissan skyline 350gt I’m not sure if your aware but nissan and infiniti are the same company so in the US they have it as an infiniti

  41. Jason says:

    Op is an idiot.

    • Cody says:

      I agree with Jason. OP is indeed an idiot. In his failed attempt to seem “smart”, he only made himself look like a douche.

      He confused an obvious G35 for a G37 and still had the audacity to call the driver a “Tool” and a “Douche bag”. This post must have been embarrassing for you man. Is that why you had to call everybody out for their simple typos? Do you do that in hopes that people will see you as an intelligent being, rather than the moron you’ve already proven yourself to be?

  42. badawi says:

    i live in japan tokyo and they call the car skyline and some people infiniti , i do not know why but it have 2 names in japan

  43. Fbfhf says:

    Also Skyline taillights are diffrent from the US g35 infinity.

  44. Sam says:

    To all those that comment on that being a Skyline – you’re all dumb.
    If you want a skyline, import it. It does not deserve a “nod” to those who “know their shit”
    These are the clowns who want to say “hey look i can take badges off my car”
    A completely factory G35 but he’ll change it to a “skyline”
    Exhaust is even stock which means its not a “sleeper” either running forced induction.
    You’re all a bunch of tools for calling it a skyline and the bigger tool is the editor for commenting on the wrong model car.
    If you’re going to bash on someone dont set yourself up on that same perch to have a rock thrown at you.
    A “Skyline” is a RHD car
    A “G35″ is a LHD. If you’re looking for what the difference is, its design and i just explained it.

  45. Yoke1 says:

    a G35 is the American R35, if u have read up on anything the G35 is essentially the missing link between the r34 and the R-35 they released it as an Infiniti g35 u can literally do a complete skyline swap on a G35. So yeah a g is a gtr do your he work idiots…

    • Sarcasmo says:

      YOU are a total ASSHAT… the POS G35(lame ass NA garbage chick car) is NOT an R35. The R35 IS the latest 2010-present Nissan GTR.

      Grow the f*ck up and KNOW what you are talking about before you throw your stupid Turrets type comments out there.

      Stupid ricer fanboy. Idiot.

  46. Moe says:

    Educate yourself. Nissan Skyline 350 GT IS the SAME as a US G35. Stop hatin’ on someone and go better yourself.