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Infiniti Confirms New M, QX, Hybrid Vehicle Planned For 2010

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In addition to the brand-new Infiniti G37 convertible scheduled to arrive on dealer lots this summer, chairman of the Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board, John Capps, also revealed that Infiniti ultimately plans to add 10 new vehicles (3 within the next 5 years) to the Infiniti fold – including a hybrid variant. In an interview with Auto New, Capps said, “There’s a new M coming. There’s also a new QX. They’re tweaking a few other cars, and in 2010 there’s a hybrid.” Although details on the upcoming additions are scarce, sources indicate that the new Infiniti hybrid will most likely be based off of the G35 sedan, a prototype of which has already been spotted on the test track.

Originally, Infiniti hinted at the possibility of a re-designed Q45 emerging as Inifiniti’s new flagship sedan, but Capps said that current market isn’t providing the most favorable conditions for a Q45 comeback. Capps went on to say that although plans for a new flagship sedan may have been temporarily shelved, Infiniti does intend to edge into the rapidly-growing XUV market. Explaining Infiniti’s top product priorities, Capps said, “Our second one would be the luxury crossover segment, which is where we currently play with our EX and FX. I’d characterize both of those as niche models. We don’t have a core model in that segment, and we really need one. Look at what the RX has done for Lexus. It brings in volume, profit and good retention, and we just don’t have that. The FX and EX are both good cars, but they’ll never deliver the volume that a core volume will bring.”

Source: Auto News

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