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Infiniti Concept Teaser Released, Immediately Jumps The Shark

Posted in Auto Show, Cars, Concept Cars, Design, Foreign Cars, Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti, Luxury Cars, New Cars, Newsworthy, Sports Cars, Supercars by Suzanne Denbow | February 17th, 2009 | 1 Response |


To be fair, it wasn’t necessarily the teaser image itself that ultimately destroyed any enthusiasm we had managed to feign about the new upcoming Infiniti concept car, but rather the information that accompanied it. According to reports, cliched luxury luggage manufacturer, Louis Vuitton, has been contracted to create a series of exclusive luggage that will debut alongside the Infiniti concept at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Infiniti, who has been chasing the elusive tag of “Tier 1″ luxury for years, plans to use their new concept to preview the brand’s “inspiring” plan for the future. Although details surrounding the vehicle are scarce, Infiniti has hinted that they’re finally ready to take the German luxury league all-stars head-on, ultimately suggesting that Infiniti’s new concept will be even more Jersey-mob-money than the new Infiniti G37.

Of course, we freely admit that due to a series of rather unpleasant encounters with several Jersey citizens behind the wheel of their respective Infiniti’s, we’ve grown to harbor a slightly biased, unfair resentment for the Japanese automaker. That having been said, we’ll be more than happy to retract our scathing preliminary reviews should next month’s grand unveiling ultimately prove us wrong, so please refrain from leaving us angry comments (of if you do, at least spell the insults correctly).

Source: LeftLaneNews

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  1. To compete with the German luxury marques, Infiniti need not resurrect the market ploys of the late Andy Warhol. All that would do is ensure that Infiniti gets about the proverbial 15 minutes of fame, with people whose attention span is set at about three to five minutes.

    Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and now to a lesser degree, BMW, got their reputations because of great build quality, inventive engineering that solved problems people had yet to ask be solved and pleasant exterior and interior design. Of course, BMW screwed the pooch on the last item; but now that Mr. Bangle is going elsewhere, maybe BMW will have industrial design that appeals to someone other than overweight Americans who love to talk incessantly on cell phones.

    In January of 2007, when yours truly returned from a trip to the other Washington, and had to drive himself home from the airport, in the aftermath of the rare snowstorm in Seattle, complete with iced roads, in an Infiniti Q45, I was pleasantly surprised to find a car as good on such roads as a Volvo.

    The real test came when I had to go down a hill to my home, iced like some sort of sugar doughnut in appearance, with parked cars on either side. I stopped, put the automatic into a Low speed mode, and gave it a shot. Somehow, due to my desire not to bend a press fleet car, and the amazing ability of a combination of electronic devices to ratchet me down the hill securely, I made it through the Eye of the Needle, and parked the Q45 and went in and collapsed in a pile, under the covers of a well earned bed.

    So there, Tim Gallagher, you finally got the review you wanted for that car.