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In-Home Inventors are on the Forefront of the Electric Car Conversion

Posted in Alt Fuels, Electric Cars, Hybrid by will bee | July 24th, 2007 | 1 Response |

There are those people who wait for new technologies to come to them and there are those people who push those technologies forward toward the market place. The news and internet have been a-buzz this year on the call for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. While the major automotive manufacturers are happy to pay lip-service to the buzz it is unlikely you will see any of them take the rist until the demand is greater. But for some people the plea for patience by the auto industry has been too much to bear so they are striking out on their own. Just as Edison reinvented the incandecent light bulb it is the private inventor who will light the way for the consumer and auto industry alike. Thus they will also be driving the demand for electric cars high enough to require someone to supply them in large quantities.

Take a look at your work commute, calculate your miles and ponder the savings of a 100+ mile-per-gallon hybrid. My personal weekly commute is about 250 miles per week. At the current cost of $2.84 per gallon the 13.8 gallons I put in my car today cost me $39.20. If I drive with an eco-concious (which means keeping the car at low RMP’s and not punching the gas at every light the turns green) I am lucky to get about 19 mpg out of my car.

The savings from a plug-in hybrid is in the comparison of the cost of gas to the cost of electric. According to EcoWorld the average cost of for electric power on a per mile basis is $.02. That means my commute of 250 miles would cost me $5 a week. That is no misprint… I’ll say it again. My 250 mile weekly commute would cost me FIVE DOLLARS.
…I think I feeling a little sick here.

While I remedy that sickening feeling of getting hosed here why don’t you take a look at these two videos. When the auto manufacturers chose not to act on the call for a plug-in electric hybrid individuals like these stepped up to fill the void.

There are many of us who are addicted to our Horsepowered Ponies that act like fraternaty boys at an all night kegger. Our cars are literally doing keg stands at the pump and pulling away full to the tilt with our hard earned money blowing in the breeze. It is to people like me that I am speaking, because I most certainly love my Mustang and the tingling pleasure it gives me when I step on the gas. But tell me that I can save $35 to $40 on fuel per week and I will be happy to talk about hybrids all morning over my $5 daily smoothie I can again afford (I like to spread my addictions out).

The electric car is coming. Thanks to the efforts of all those private inventors who are making it happen for themselves and for a few others the growing demand might just bring plug-in electric cars to the rest of us a lot sooner.

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  1. Dee says:

    That does leave a sickening feeling in the tummy for us sport car enthusiasts.. when they bring out a sporty-type hybrid model that looks good and has some power (that I can afford), I look forward to buying one. Till then, I’ll be enjoying the steady rumble of my Mustang…