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In car electrics are too distracting for drivers

Posted in Car Tech, Cars by davidallen | July 6th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

It appears that there may be a major change ahead concerning the use of in car gadgetry. There have been some States who have banned the use of hand held cell phones, but there are quite a few States, about twelve in total who are looking to take a wider view of electronic devices that are appearing in cars now days.

If these States get what they want, we could be seeing that DVD’s, Faxes, iPods, and so on could be banned from cars, as they are believed not to be a necessity to driving. However there are not many figures or studies around that actually state that these items are responsible for any accidents or deaths etc. Although using any of these while driving is a major distraction for the driver and therefore has the potential to cause a serious accident.

Just two states have come forward so far with their plans to stop this. They intend to introduce a system of fines, which will range from $50 up to $600. In California, officers have stopped over 3,200 since 2003 for watching movies on the in car DVD player.

driver distractions

Yet some things appear to be allowed, but are equally as dangerous, like women fixing their makeup, kids and pets climbing all around the car, even drivers reaching across the car to get something out of the glove compartment, these are all potentially dangerous, it just depends on where you draw the line.

Please let us know if you have seen anyone doing something really outrageous while driving, it would be great to compile a top ten of driver distractions.

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