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In Abu Dhabi, Making The News Isn’t Necessarily A Good Thing

Posted in Bizarre, driving, Legal, Police by Kurt Ernst | September 29th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I’ve never been to Abu Dhabi, but like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, I can’t imagine it’s a good place to express your individuality. From what I know of the culture, order and family seem to be valued above just about everything else, and disgracing your family by breaking the law isn’t something to take lightly. Police in Abu Dhabi know this, so they’ve begun playing a highlight reel of the day’s traffic offenses following the evening news. The above video, found on Autoblog, comes straight from the Abu Dhabi police (via Gulf News).

Not only would this tactic fail in America, I think it would probably have the opposite effect. I can see drivers trying to out-hoon one another, for the sole purpose of getting on TV and ultimately landing a TV contract. Drivers that were too conservative would surely catch heat from their friends for “only” getting popped for exhibition of speed, instead of the “bonus points” offense of reckless driving. In fact, we already have this coverage on the west coast, where TV stations in LA typically air at least one police chase daily. It certainly doesn’t seem to have an impact there.

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