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Images of Volvo’s XC60 Production Model… The XC90 Always Wanted a Little Brother

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Volvo by will bee | February 19th, 2008 | 1 Response |

volvoxc60-12.jpg picture by willfusion

After a year on the concept tour and after watching it’s sibling the C30 hit the road ahead of it the Volvo XC60 finally has its game-face on and is ready to show you what it has. The design of the XC60 is a late comer to the mid-sized SUV and CUV market, but enters in with the same design class that its larger sibling the XC90 possesses. Also, with gas prices ever increasing and with the new CAFE standards in the USA the smaller sized SUV should be easier to bring into compliance with better mpg. Ofcourse Volvo’s main concern is in competing with the Jones’s and with the BMW X3 already on the market and the Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5 following close behind Volvo does not want to be caught on the outside looking in. As they stretch ever slightly forward to be considered in the elite luxury class of brands they must make their attempts to match-up well with their line-up.

The XC60 will be arriving with a few engine choices that should suit the needs of Volvo shoppers. The most interesting of the engines is Volvo’s 3.0 liter turbocharged 6-cylinder that pumps out 285 horsepower. However, the more popular engine is bound to be one of the 4-cylinder varieties that would give the driver either 163-hp or 185-hp. As with other brands of late the engine variant that produces the best mpg seem to sell the best in today’s high priced fuel market.
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There are some noticeable differences between the XC60 Concept vehicle and the XC60 production version that may not effect a buyers decision to purchase one, but stand out enough to be commented on. The interior differences will be obvious and are expected as very few concept interiors make it straight into the production version. However, the glass roof of the XC60 concept with it’s Y-framed support has been replaced with the much more assembly affordable optional sunroof. That is an unfortunate loss of an intriguing feature, but not all too surprising.

It seems the production version of the XC60 lost a bit of the bold aggressive musings from the concept. The grill opening was slightly larger and protruded forward just enough to express a tougher side (not a Volvo trademark, being tough). The headlights had a bit more of a leaner, meaner stare in the concept that was replaced with a kinder, gentler headlamp. Also, the innovative yet costly 2-piece rear hatch with its large glass area was replaced with the more traditional and cost effective 1-piece hatch.

You can check out the new production version of the Volvo XC60 down below, and for your own musing a gallery containing photos of the Concept XC60 is also provided. Compare for yourself the difference and make your own conclusions about the changes between designs. The XC60 should be priced nicely in the segment and will give buyers a pleasing option amongst its competition. And with talks of Volvo shedding the XC90 completely in the coming year or so as a result of the new CAFE legislation the XC60 will be expected to pick up much of the slack.

Photo Gallery of the Production model of the Volvo XC60

Photo Gallery of the Concept model of the Volvo XC60

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  1. Fancy Tuning says:

    I don’t really like the front side of the car. it seems like it’s chopped from somewhere but… this Volvo always tried to be unique in a way or other. i guess this car will go into production really soon