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If You Win A Ride-Along In A Stock Eliminator Race Car, Make Sure It Has A Headrest

Posted in driving, Funny Videos, Racing, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 2nd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

As you’ll see at about 0:55 and again at 1:21, this lucky winner of a charity ride-along will be spending some quality time at his chiropractor in the coming months. Or years. The car in the video is a Chevy Nova that has done the quarter in 11 seconds (sans passenger, of course).

The passenger’s expression at 1:21 is best described as “oh crap, we’re gonna die”, but he’s much more relaxed by the end of the run and seems to have had a good time. I’m not sure he’s going to sign up for next year’s ride-along raffle, but if he does I can guarantee hell bring some foam padding for the roll cage behind his head.

Source: BangShift

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