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If you like VW’s then this video is for you!

Posted in Audi, trends, Videos, Volkswagen by MrAngry | May 15th, 2010 | 1 Response |

VW’s for all their quirkiness are actually pretty damn good cars with a following that is simply cult like. If you’re a VW owner you live the brand and know everything about every model ever produced. It’s a sickness really but one that any true VW owner will tell you, is one they don’t want a cure for. People have been modifying VW’s since the original VW Bug came out in 1938 (that’s not a typo btw). Suspension, engine modifications, fender flares, chop tops… everything that can be done to a VW either has been, or will be, as their owners are fanatical about their machines. Some are done tastefully, while others are simply atrocities to the automotive community. The above video, which is done very well I might add, was done back in September of 2008 and shows VW’s doing what they do best… cruising.

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One Response

  1. I like VWs, but I think they could stand to be even quirkier. Lately they’ve gotten . . . bland.