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If Satan Built A Street Rod, It Would Probably Look Like This

Posted in Bizarre, Custom, Death Wish, Fast Cars, Ford, General, Hot Rods, Pro-Touring, Used Cars by Kurt Ernst | July 2nd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

1967 Ford Bronco Street Rod

Let me apologize to all those fans of first generation Ford Broncos; the pictures you see here probably won’t be easy to look at. Broncos, after all, are meant to be driven off road. They should be throwing up rooster tails of dust in the Nevada desert, or blasting down the Baja peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean a constant reminder of which direction is west. They shouldn’t be slammed, they shouldn’t be turned into pickups and they most certainly shouldn’t have a big block Chevy poking through the hood.

1967 Ford Bronco Street Rod

Bangshift posted this wild Bronco conversion, and it was too good to not pass along. It’s for sale on Auto Trader Classics, but the price of $110,000 is as shocking as the rest of the truck. What does that kind of money buy in a street rod these days? To start with, the chassis was built by Art Morrison and uses a Mustang II front suspension paired with a 9” Ford rear end. The paint and interior (with alligator inserts) are top notch work, and didn’t come cheap for the builder. Not satisfied with motors available from Ford, the current owned shoehorned in a 502 cubic inch Chevy motor with a mega blower, dual carbs custom heads and a hot cam. It’s said to make just under 1,000 horsepower, which is about 800 horsepower too much for a car with the wheelbase of a Barbie Dream Corvette.

1967 Ford Bronco Street Rod

I’ve always said that I’ve never driven a car that scares me, but let me be perfectly clear: this thing scares me just looking at it. There is no way you can keep this thing pointed in your intended direction with a wheelbase this short and no weight over the rear wheels. It’s only racked up 250 miles since being built, which tells me the current owner is scared of it, too. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much horsepower.

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