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If Biodiesel is in short supply where you live, why not make your own?

Posted in Alt Fuels, Emissions by will bee | August 3rd, 2007 | 3 Responses |

etruk 50Fuel alternatives are a hot topic around the web and around the globe. We have discussed many of the options here on this site that are being studied and that are seeking a share on the market place. It has even been mentioned that you could be making your own fuel at home. The designs to build your own still for ethanol or distillers for biodiesel are just a search away online. However some of the concern over building your own still may have just been eased by a UK company.

Etruk has designed and is selling online stills of varying sizes to appeal to those looking to make their own biodiesel at home; thus taking the guess work for those of us new to stills. With the Etruk distiller you can purchase the size that fits you and your budget best. The smallest size distiller will produce 40 liter batches at a time and can easily supply a weeks worth of fuel for one car. While the largest size still can churn out 150 liters in a batch and has the capacity to both supply your cars with biodiesel as well as provide you some added income.

I had read somewhere online that the U.S. Federal Government permits the distilling of fuel for personal consumption or for sale up to 10,000 gallons per year without a permit. However, that is something that will require further research in all areas and in each individual country. Some local authorities may have some concerns or laws over the placement of such distillers on private property and near homes. Check with your state and local leaders before filling up your attached garage with distillers.

While the world sciences, governments and the auto manufacturers ween out all the alternatives that are looking to gain acceptance (and two out of those three weeners are in no hurry to make real changes or solid commitments either way) the home brewing of fuel is truly a viable option. Watch for more information from Etruk as testing and use commences while also keeping an eye out for other suppliers of similar devices.
If nothing else just marvel in the progress we have made in the fueling of America… we have gone from Full Service stations to putting Self Service stations in our own homes.


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3 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Where is this being sold? I went online and couldn’t find an option to buy? Also, are there any cars sold in America that can use this kind of fuel?

  2. joe smith says:

    any modern diesel car can run on 100% biodiesel, unmodified. the U.S just implemented new, cleaner, fuel standards for diesel last fall, hopefully this will bring more diesels into the U.S. for the 2008 model year. Also, if you look around a little bit online you’ll find tons of tutorials on how to make your own biodiesel, and equipment, though pre-packaged all-in-one systems can be more convienient, they’re also alot more expensive.

    for the above article,

    Is the device pictured designed for distillation, or to make biodiesel?

    Distillation is involved in concentrating ethanol.(a seperate biofuel from biodiesel)

    Distillation is not used to make biodiesel, biodiesel is made throgh transesterification. (also you can’t make an ethanol pure enough(98-99%+alcohol) to make biodiesel with through basic distillation(95%alcohol), it has too much water.)

  3. will bee says:

    My apologies for the ambiguity. The designed purpose of the Etruk line-up is to distill used cooking grease so that it is clean enough to put in your gas tank and fuel your cars engine. It is not for the trasnestrerification of other biological sources into diesel.

    While detailed specs are available online to make a distiller yourself, this is the first prepackaged, mass produced, whole product I have personally seen online. So far the “buy” feature has not been activated on the Etruk website. But I will be checking periodically for when it does become available.

    Thank you for your comments.