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Idiot Attempts Suicide in Jacked-up Jeep

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Jeep Jump

If you’re a man then you already know that we come pre-programmed from the womb with a little bit of stupid inside us. As children we try any number of ways to kill ourselves on a daily basis without ever thinking of the consequences. As adults, we do the same thing, but we just count on our medical insurance to bail us out if we really screw ourselves up. There are people however who are always reaching for the gold medal in the stupidity challenge which is why this video is being brought to you today. Once again we are treated to the antics of the N.A.R. (North American Redneck) in their true backwoods habitat. This time however they’re running through the countryside in a few jacked-up Jeeps intent on ending their lives by using the least amount of their brains possible.

Source: Streetfire.net

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