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Icon Sheene: The Worlds Most Expensive Motorcycle

Posted in Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, FAIL, Fast Cars, Motorcycle by MrAngry | August 3rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Icon Sheene Motorcycle

Oh boy… where the hell do I begin with this thing. Every now and again some boutique motorcycle manufacturer tries to come up with a motorcycle that is supposedly bigger, badder and better looking than every other bike out there. Then they top it off by charging some obscene amount of money for it (in this case $160,000) in the hopes that because it is expensive and exclusive, people will jump at the chance to own it. Now before I crucify this thing let me point out some of it’s finer bits.

Icon Sheene Motorcycle

First off the Icon Sheene is fast, very fast. That comes in part due to the turbocharged engine that was ripped out of Suzuki’s 1400cc Hayabusa. Yes, it is hand built with some go fast internals like Carrillo rods and Wiseco pistons, and yes it makes 250 hp and 133lb/ft at the rear wheel, but at the end of the day it’s still a Gixxer mill. The wheels are made of carbon fiber as is the bodywork. There are also a bunch of handmade components, such as the aluminum fuel tank, stainless exhaust and twin hand-crafted aluminum oil coolers. All of these details make for one very nice machine in theory, but there is still one major problem that I see… the styling.

Icon Sheene Motorcycle

The bike looks like a complete hash of parts from different motorcycles of years gone by. The front fairing for example looks as though it came off of a 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 and the rear fairing off the Australian built Vee Two Squalo. The rear aluminum swingarm is also a nice piece, but again, it looks like it was lifted off of a 2001 Aprilia RSV Mille 1000. I have no doubt the bike performs as well as the manufacturer states, it’s just that from a styling point it looks like a hodgepodge of outdated materials that were thrown together to form a motorcycle that is just way too expensive for what it truly is… a mess.

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