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Icon Sells Helmets to the Helmetless

Posted in Motorcycle, Safety by Corey | May 12th, 2009 | 1 Response |


I don’t know of any helmet/bike gear manufacturers that advertise as tenaciously as Icon. I can’t think of any that advertise at all actually, at least not the way Icon does. Arai and Shoei rely mostly on word of mouth and their high quality to sell products, but Icon goes all out.

They’re the ones who took an old 1990 GSX-R 750 and restored it perfectly just for some pictures. And built custom Kawasaki ZX-10R with an A-10 Gatling gun, an 800-watt audio system, and an LCD screen… just to sell one particular line of their helmets. And who filmed this high production quality video for another line of helmets:

Alliance SSR Tyranny helmet video

They’re hardcore. And now Icon is appealing to the “high casualty” members of the bike community, the young men who just got bikes. Of the all the major ‘high end’ helmet and gear makers (and Icon helmets are high end, despite how they look… see), most don’t appeal to the high intensity/douchebaggery of the usually helmetless young-man-who-just-got-a-bike. Icon hopes to change this, which is why they have silly skulls and Asian letters on their helmets, and why they make commercials like this:

check it

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One Response

  1. ken josan says:

    I really love icon helmets…too bad theirs no icon brands here in roxas city,capiz philippines…