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ICON Builds CJ3-style Offroading Monster

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ICON, the Los Angeles company that has won our hearts and minds by hand-building some of the most exquisite and perfectly updated FJ40 “recreations,” is firing up their wickedly creative minds to build a bespoke vehicle inspired by the Jeep CJ3 – called the ICON CJ3B. The name’s not terribly original but at least there’s no doubt what they’re trying to sell you. ICON has crafted this baby from the ground up, building it all themselves, and if you’ve seen an ICON before you know they do some incredible work. All we have are renderings right now, but it’s not exactly like the styling is going to be a make-or-break for this particular little terror. Make the jump for details and more photos.

The bits and pieces are top notch, using production Wrangler Rubicon axles front and rear with New Process 231 transfer case and a AX15 five-speed transmission, full coil suspension, and as the cherry on top, the standard motor at launch will be a GM Ecotec four-cylinder making around 260 HP. They are shooting for a weight of 2400 lbs or less, so it should have plenty of get-up. In the future, they’re working on a full-electric version with four in-wheel motors, which should prove very interesting for the rock-crawling set: if you don’t know already, electric motors provide all of their torque at 0 RPM, allowing for very finely-tuned low speed performance. And perhaps best of all, if you like playing with wrenches, they’ll sell you a kit form that you can put together with simple hand-tools. We’re hard-pressed to find anything to criticize here: the ICON CJ3B is full of awesome and we’re unabashedly stoked about it.

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  1. JeepFreak07 says:

    screw the GM motor… forget gasoline… should be a cummins 4BT