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Icon Builds A Bike With A Gatling Gun To Sell Helmets

Posted in Bizarre, Custom, Motorcycle, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | December 2nd, 2008 | 5 Responses |

The Icon Warthog is the kind of bike that should do battle with KITT from Knight Rider in some fictional spin-off commercial world. It’s a custom Kawasaki ZX-10R with, on top of the A-10 Gatling gun replica in the front, has the engine tuned up to 188rwhp, an 800-watt MTX audio system, a set of hilarious jet-engine exhaust pipes, and an LCD screen for watching movies while engaging in high-speed combat. Icon even made a music video with the bike.

The Warthog was built to help advertise their new Domain II Warthog helmet. But would I ride it? Eh, I’d rather have a ZX-10R without the Warthog paintjob and unusable Gatling gun; and I probably wouldn’t get much use out of the sound system, even at 800-watts, unless I’m sitting in a parking lot. Still, it’s fun. It’s like a full-scale toy model built for shits and giggles. I like it. Check out the pictures and the music video and see for yourself:

It’s the latest in the Bikes of Icon series of custom jobs. I think my favorite so far, after the Warthog of course, is probably Rockets Dead Glare. It’s a 2002 Honda Reflex 250 decked out in the style of the custom Japanese low riding maxi-scooters with an oversized wing, air suspension, and even a nitrous bottle; but the key is the sweet quilted leather seat.

From the Icon website:

In the 70’s, the United States Air Force developed the A-10 (a.k.a. “Warthog”) as a means of supporting ground troops with massive firepower… Mission Accomplished! Flash forward 35 years and now its Icon’s turn to support the ground troops with our version of “Superior Firepower”.

Built over a period of 8 weeks in AREA 13 of the ICON compound, The Warthog ZX-10 epitomizes the Icon mentality of performance based product. Obviously the first thing that grabs one’s attention is the 800 watt MTX audio system. It’ll spit “Symphony of Destruction” in the twisties or blast lil Wayne at the local bike night. But audio by itself isn’t enough. So we added an 8″ LCD screen to view Full Metal Jacket, Iron Eagle, or Top Gun and the ability to broadcast a view of the victims left in the wake via an integrated rear view camera. And, yes, the A/V system will run off the 10’s own charging system.

The motor, much like the stereo, was designed to thump. Dyno’d at 188 RWHP, it’ll stomp just about any ‘show’ bike on the circuit today. The graphics, based on the Icon Domain II Warthog helmet, were painstakingly applied by Icon’s own in-house staff.

And like the aircraft that has defended our country’s interests for 3+ decades, this tribute machine is yet another Ugly Beast that “Hog Drivers” throughout the world will regard as “One wicked machine”!

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5 Responses

  1. played with no sound says:

    that was a pile of dogshit…. Play it with no sound….
    This bike is super retarded because of a ton of reasons, why would you need to listen to music through your bike? where is your helmet? what are you doing to do if it starts to rain? “unusable Gatling gun” = fake ass rims on a 1990 geo metro = wtf were you thinking? “LCD screen for watching movies while engaging in high-speed combat.” so what, you are going to pretend that you are on the street or in the parking lot watching movies on a bike? (there is all sorts of stupidity built into this bike)….. Let’s watch movies and drive around because that is really safe. Lets sit in a parking lot and watch movies on a uncomfy bike…. good thinking. The only thing that this bike has going for it is that it has a nice paint job, but everything else kinda just ruins the bike. Id get laughed at if i were caught with that thing.

  2. played with no sound says:

    oh yea forgot to add this…. why the fuck would you want a cam on your rear? are you going to make sure you dont back up and hit any small children or a tiny animal? And why the fuck would you even give a shit about how fast it is?…. I guess i am answering my own question when i say it is prolly that fast because you know you are going to get laughed at so you can get the hell out of there. good thinking…..

  3. Nice goin prick says:

    yeah…you could talk a bunch of shit…but then when you pull your head out of your ass, you’ll realize that this is not a bike meant to be ridden around, it’s a marketing tool, and also as a tribute to the armed forces. Im guessing you’re too wrapped up in your own insignificant lack of self worth to care about the troops. The bike is very well done, and is a very good tribute. Shame he’s too stupid to see it.

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