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Icelandic Glacier Trucks put the “M” in MACHO!

Posted in car modifications, Environment, Ford, Off-Roading, Roads, Videos by MrAngry | May 29th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Having lived in the Northeast for my entire existence I feel I have a pretty good handle on what it’s like to deal with the winter months. As a car guy I have also come to understand the importance of a good set of snow tires, AWD and my much valued AAA card. The people in Iceland however follow a very different set of rules when it comes to winter driving, especially since they’re accustom to driving on glaciers. Everything on these amazing vehicles needs to be modified to deal with harsh glacial conditions. Tires, wheels, hubs, suspension, engine components, heaters, fuel systems all must be modified to deal with the brutal outdoor elements. Ladies and gentleman these guys make the Ice Road Truckers look like a bunch of NYC cab drivers.

Glacier Truck

Take this maxed out Ford pick-up for example. It’s got three axles, has 5 feet of ground clearance a and spare tire conveyor system that weighs about as much as a Miata. This sucker is one serious truck. I suppose though when you live in a place where the average temperature during the winter months is “really f*ckin’ cold’ than you need to find hobbies that get you out of the house and back into nature. Even if that nature has an ice cube on top of it.

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One Response

  1. Ice truck says:

    Yes We icelanders know how to have fun during winter time. It´s a shame that the winter is getting shorter and the snow is not sticking long enough.